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Translate German Terms of Service

In submitting a text for translation, any individual or corporate body (hereinafter referred to as “client”) enters into a binding agreement with Translate German, with this agreement being covered by the following Terms of Service (unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing):

1. Translate German is a translation service which operates predominantly on the Internet. All translations are carried out by qualified native-speaking translators.
2. Translate German reserves the right to refuse to translate any texts that are deemed to be of an unacceptable or sensitive nature (e.g. any texts that may imply illegal or terrorist activities).
3. General quotations and estimates provided by Translate German shall not entail any commitment.
4. The client may ask for a price estimate beforehand - This estimate is free and does not commit the client to a binding contract.
5. Translate German is committed to translating texts with diligent care and paying attention to detail, without shortening, adding, omitting or modifying any aspect of the original text. It must be noted, however, that in translations, minimum inaccuracies of language or insignificant imperfections remain inevitable.
6. The client can stipulate specific wishes concerning the terminology and the format of the text (styles of terminology, specific fonts, etc.). If it is the Client’s wish to utilise company specific terminology, this must be provided for use by Translate German. Such information and documentation shall be dispatched at the Client's expense and risk. The client may indicate a desired deadline (date and month) for completion of the translation. Translate German will endeavour to meet this deadline, but will take no responsibility for any damages caused by a delay in completion (force majeure, technical problems on the network, degree of difficulty, etc.). In the unlikely event of a delay, Translate German will immediately inform the client.
7. All orders, without exception, are handled in strict confidence.
8. Confirmation of any orders accepted by Translate German will be issued to the client within 24 hours.
9. Once the translation has been completed it will be sent to the client. The client will be given a period of 5 days in which to lodge any complaints or queries regarding the translated text(s). Once this time period has elapsed, it is deemed that the translation has been approved and accepted by the client. The right to complain has therefore expired and an invoice for the translation will be issued to the client. If the client makes a complaint about the translated text within the 5 day period, he/she must explicitly indicate any faults. Translate German will action these alterations and satisfy the client within an agreed deadline. In the event of failure, Translate German forfeits the right of payment for the translation.
10. The client's right to complain shall lapse if he/she has edited or has instructed others to edit the part or parts of the product forming the subject of the complaint.
11. Any changes made by Translate German, at the client's request, to any part of the translated or edited text shall in no way constitute an acknowledgement of supplying an inferior product or rendering an inferior service.
12. Delivery is deemed to have taken place the moment the text is dispatched. If the text is transmitted electronically, by fax, e-mail, etc, the moment the medium completes the transmission shall count as the time of dispatch.
13. Payment must be made by debit or credit card in Euro or Pounds Sterling within 30 days from time of invoice. Payment shall be net and in full. The invoice containing all relevant payment information will be sent by post.
14. Any reasonable doubt on the part of Translate German about the client's ability to make payment shall entitle Translate German to require the client to provide sufficient security before any orders are executed or commenced.
15. Any major changes made by the client to an order after a contract has been concluded shall entitle Translate German either to modify the price and/or the date of delivery agreed or to refuse to execute the order. If an order is cancelled, any expense incurred up to cancellation must be reimbursed.
16. Ambiguities in the text to be translated shall release the Translator from any liability whatsoever.
17. The question of whether a translated or edited version of a text, produced by Translate German, entails any risk of bodily injury shall be entirely at the client's expense and risk.
18. The client undertakes to indemnify Translate German against any claims by third parties on account of alleged violation or infringement of property rights, proprietary rights, patent rights, copyrights or any other intellectual property rights in connection with the performance of the contract.
19. Should Translate German prove unable to meet its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control and risk, it shall be entitled to dissolve the contract without being liable to pay any compensation whatsoever. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to: fire, accidents, illness, strikes, riots, war, terrorist attacks, transport restrictions and delays, government measures, disruption of the services of Internet providers, negligence on the part of suppliers or any other circumstances beyond Translate German's control.
20. The legal relationship between the client and Translate German shall be governed by English law.

Privacy Policy
The information you provide Translate German is kept confidential and is only used to contact you if you have requested our services. We do not disclose any information and your e-mail address will not be given or sold to any other source.

Translate German recognizes its responsibility for protecting the privacy of your personal information. If you have questions or comments about the administration of your personal information, please contact us at

Translate German will cooperate in any legal investigations of our visitors and will in this event, surrender any information we are ordered to by a court.


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